Last weekend, I had the opportunity to work with the students at the South End Technology Center  on a new weekly program called Artbotics where students engage in creative projects at the intersection of robotics and art. We started the day with many programming related activities that we designed, but the one the students seem to enjoy the most was the “Drawing Robot” activity.

Students used Modkit to program their own robot cars that will draw various patterns as coded by the students. The robot car was assembled using Lego pieces, cardboard, Arduino board, and a battery attachment. The students quickly learned how to program their cars and experimented with commands in order to get the right angle and line length they wanted for their drawings.

Testing out the code:


Although for many students, the drawings weren’t exactly perfect the first time, they were eager to go back and adjust the code in order to get the exact look that they wanted. I think the students really enjoyed the iterations of adjusting and testing. Many of them were very surprised to see how the code translated to certain patterns. This reminded me of how I shared similar feeling when I was working on my computational design assignment that same week.

One of the final products